Singer and oud player Sarah Elhiani was born in Paris to an Egyptian father and a French mother, a filmmaker by profession. Her father founded a club in Paris where jazz, reggae, and world music musicians performed. She grew up on Arab culture, and was later exposed to black music, rap, and songs from the Brittany region of France.

Elhiani studied fine arts in Paris. She first visited Israel on a scholarship from the foreign ministry as a videographer. She studied at Bezalel and simultaneously
developed her voice, singing, and Arabic music at the Music School in Musrara.

She traveled to Egypt to learn Arabic and played the oud at the Egyptian Opera House. Upon returning to Israel, Elhiani studied oud playing and singing with musicians from the Arabic Broadcasting Orchestra of Zuzu Mousa.

“About Your Love”, Elhiani’s debut album, consists of Hebrew hymns and religious songs she composed, alongside two original songs in Arabic and French. “About Your Love” has an acoustic, rich, multi-cultural sound. Elhiani joins a cadre of artists, such as Balkan Beat Box, Riff Cohen, and A-Wa, who infuse traditional music with contemporary themes.